2014 Extension of our international sales network. The number of active subscriptions exceeds 31.000.
2013 We released the greatest telematic innovation of the decade, the eTachograph solution. We were among the first companies to join the e-Toll system in Hungary as payment contributors.
2012 Our SpedMart service provides an exclusive freight exchange for hauliers and freight forwarders.
2010 Subsidiaries are operating in 10 European countries. Achievement of 23.000 subscriptions.
2009 30 percent of the Group’s income is produced by foreign markets.
2007 We were the fourth company in Europe to introduce a service focused on processing traffic data. The innovative technology of BestWay has also been utilised by leading online map suppliers.
2006 To enhance international expansion we establish WebEye International Ltd. Achievement of 10.000 WebEye subscriptions.
2005 Providing real-time vehicle tracking to our partners. Development of integrated solutions supporting logistic processes.
2003 The WebEye solution obtains its pioneer position in the Hungarian market of vehicle tracking.
2001 Establishment of the parent company, Lambda-Com Ltd.