Operational restructuring at Lambda-Com Group to maintain international expansion

Lambda-Com Group, present with its transportation informatics services in fourteen countries across Europe, has increased its exports by nearly 80% in the past three years. In order to lay the foundation for further growth and better exploit resources and synergies within the company, the group decided to redesign their organizational structure.

The Hungarian-owned Lambda-Com Group has been continuously expanding its international network since 2007: to satisfy growing customer demand for its complex telematics services, the group opened its first foreign subsidiary in Romania eight years ago, then in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Croatia and Slovakia in the following two years, along with establishing further offices in Russia and Slovenia. Thanks to the international expansion and innovative developments, both the customer base and the volume of cross-border services have grown significantly: the number of WebEye units installed in foreign trucks has increased by nearly 80% in the past three years. The company reached the greatest growth in Poland and Germany in this period, while in terms of active units, Romania takes the lead in Lambda-Com’s services. As an acknowledgement of its international achievements, WebEye International, whose role is to coordinate the work of the group’s foreign subsidiaries, won the ‘Exporter of the Year’ award of the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency in the Regional Exporter category in December 2013.

Lambda-Com Group has over 300 employees today, while the total number of WebEye-devices in Hungary and abroad reaches 40 thousand. The size of the group and the significant growth of the international customer base required the renewal of corporate operation and organizational structure. The Management has now decided on the details. In the future, WebEye Hungary, responsible for serving domestic customers, will operate as part of WebEye International, integrated in the subsidiary structure. Accordingly, WebEye International’s responsibilities broaden by taking over certain functions. Lambda-Com continues to fulfil the development of telematics services and manufacturing of devices, as well as procurement and management roles.

‘Thanks to the developments in recent years and the increasing number of satisfied customers, we achieved results that need to be considered also in establishing our organizational structure to ensure further development. The restructuring of the group contributes to the more efficient utilization of company resources and thereby to improving our competitiveness, at the same time it helps us ensure the long-term conditions of our international expansion.’ – said Németh Tibor, managing director of Lambda-Com Group.

Within the frames of the group’s restructuring, Bagossy Tamás and Németh Pál were appointed managing directors of WebEye International, while Nagybalyi Nándor was appointed head of sales and marketing. Deszpot Károly became the new managing director of WebEye Hungary, Benedek Zoltán and Menczigár Richárd were appointed commercial directors in a shared position.

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