Solutions of WebEye facilitate easy coordination and real time monitoring of working processes of different agricultural machineries and vehicles (tractors, combine harvesters, cultivators, fertilizer equipments, sprayers, etc.). Therefore, working time capacity of machineries can be optimized to a great extent and work performance can be measured more precisely. This would result not only in the reduction of energy input, but also in savings for the producer.
Our services:

The precise localization technology facilitates the determination which machinery has cultivated a given land parcel, area. Furthermore, reports can be made on the driving time necessary for a given route, the resulted consumption and the equipment performance.

By embedding agricultural areas in map-formatted interfaces monitoring of deviation from planned routes, land parcels become possible along with automatic signalling of misplaced work performance. In such cases, alarms are triggered by the WebEye system to the persons concerned, therefore, errors can be detected and potential abuses can be avoided.

WebEye solutions facilitate easy and precise measurement of working hours, which service can substantially simplify monthly accounting. Working processes can be evaluated through transparent reports offered by our system; this analysis includes monitoring of working hours (start and end times), total number of kilometres driven per day, duration of availability and the rate of fuel consumption during a given time period.