Road Transport

The central challenge of international road transport is represented by the timely accomplishment of freights at the least possible price, in the most effective way.

Freight forwarding


Fleet management







Dangerous goods
Product protection implies a dual objective in case of transport of dangerous goods: both aspects of environmental protection and the high value of products play significant roles in this field. While oversights may result in financial damages to principals and agents in other freight tasks, transport of dangerous goods holds the risk of grave natural disasters caused by insufficient treatment of these goods.

Tanker lorry or truck on a motorway

Beside the standard service of fleet management, our company offers specified solutions to companies specialised in transport of dangerous goods:


In the FMCG industry, special emphasis is placed on meeting the requirements of strict regulations on foodstuffs. The following services support processes of fleet management and control of freight tasks related to the FMCG sector, furthermore, these solutions promote smooth communication between different members of the supply chain.

Lumps of meat in a container

Integrated solutions: By the help of the transport management and route planning program freight tasks can be managed and controlled easily, temperature limit values can be customized to the given freight task and registers of transport fulfilment can be monitored in the WebEye system.