Our main focus is on the development of complex telematics solutions that enable the processes of transportation, freight and logistics to become more efficient; furthermore, our applications are designed to enhance the optimal use of our customers’ resources.


The technology of GPS-based fleet management systems is becoming more and more advanced. Within a ten-year period, offline data processing of historical records has been replaced by online vehicle tracking providing information in real time. Beyond monitoring the position and status of vehicles, the most advanced telematics applications are already able to analyze human-machine relations and offer a special focus on safety.

Lambda-Com Group has been among the pioneer analysts and developers within the sector for ten years now. Our WebEye technology combines cumulated knowledge with modern technologies, paying special attention to industry conditions and customers’ needs at the same time.

Our solutions assist in maximizing freight capacity, preventing accidents and amortization of vehicles; moreover, ecological footprints of vehicles can be reduced using the data transferred by telematics units.


monitor Monitor
Transmission of real-time data on the current status of vehicles.
history History
Archives of routes covered by vehicles facilitate the registering of both vehicles and drivers.
alarm Alarm
Automatic alarm functions within which alarm conditions and the form of notifications can be defined individually.
messenger Messenger
With the help of the communication application of the on-board unit two-way text messages can be exchanged between the centre and the driver and also between two or more drivers.
fuel Fuel
Measurement and displaying of both archived and real-time data regarding fuel level and consumption of vehicles.
manager Manager
The definition of routes and destinations and their allocation to vehicles can make transportation planning and control easier.
report Report
The customizable system facilitates specified and detailed recording of data.